It's harvest time!

Come pick some of our amazing organic apples! We have Gala, Red and Golden Delicious, and a few heirloom varieties like Arkansas Black!

When: September 20 – November 1st
Days: Thurs – Sat
Hours: 1pm – 6pm
Price: Small bag – $14, Large bag – $20

How to Find us

cultivating growth

& unique experiences

organic, sustainable farming & gardening

Over the next several years, we hope to continue to expand the agricultural side of NOMA. We want to help this unique mountain landscape flourish and grow by introducing new animals and plant life. After the devastating 2020 Creek Fire, we are surrounded by burned trees. We are already seeing signs of new life, and we want to take part in that!

tree replanting initiative in 2024

Unfortunately, five years of drought and large-scale bark beetle infestation have seriously damaged these once-thriving forests. Not to mention the devastating Creek Fire in 2020. We hope to remove these dead trees on the property and replace them with new ones – with your help! Together, let’s restore these forests so that we all can continue to enjoy their natural beauty for many years to come!

How it Works



If you are interested in making your stay here with us one to remember, contact us to set up a tree replanting experience and pay your deposit!


book your stay

Once we receive your request, we will invite you to book your stay, and we will prepare everything needed here.


Arrive & Plant

During your stay here, you will be guided by one of our staff members in planting your tree and taught the significance of tree replanting.


Come back

We invite you to come back every year to see the growth of YOUR tree here. It will have a special, personal dedicated plaque just for you.